5 common signs of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2020 | Discrimination

Ideally, your workplace is an environment in which you feel safe and respected. When you go to work, you should not fear discrimination or harassment so federal and state laws protect employees from this type of illegal behavior.

Knowing the common signs of workplace discrimination can help you identify and protect yourself from a hostile and negative environment.

1. Hostile behavior from others

A supervisor or other employee might make inappropriate jokes that go too far or they may intentionally harass you. Workplace discrimination includes repeated hostile behavior that directly relates to your race or age.

2. Minimal diversity in the workforce

If you notice that your coworkers are all of the same race, gender identity, sexual orientation or age, then this is a sign of discriminatory hiring practices. Workplaces should strive to be as diverse as possible as minimal diversity can create an environment that fosters employment discrimination.

3. Favoritism

If you notice different, better treatment towards your co-workers than what you receive, then you are potentially experiencing workplace discrimination. If you notice that some of your co-workers have better assignments, closer parking spots, or nicer offices, they’re likely receiving preferential treatment.

4. High Turnover Rate

A high turnover rate becomes an issue if employees are constantly resigning. It is not common to have large amounts of people quit, and oftentimes discrimination and unhappiness in the work environment is the reason for high turnover rates.

5. Comments about your age or gender

If you hear constant remarks about your age or gender, you may be experiencing discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of either of those protected classes is illegal. You should receive the same treatment and benefits from your employer regardless of your age or gender.


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