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Defending Businesses In Discrimination And Harassment Lawsuits

Most employers have policies concerning proper treatment of employees and other components of an appropriate employee employer relationship. A good employment policy that is consistently enforced can go a long way toward preventing employee harassment and discrimination lawsuits. Unfortunately, no employment policy is foolproof. At Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons, we have been defending businesses and employers in disputes for over 20 years. If you face an employment lawsuit, our Rhode Island discrimination defense lawyers can assert your interests and work to obtain an efficient resolution. Contact Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons, for an evaluation of your employment law case.

Established Defense Against Harassment Or Discrimination

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, our attorneys are equipped to represent employers and businesses throughout the state and in Massachusetts. We handle employment lawsuits that involve:

  • Sexual harassment defense: Did the event happen? Was is unwelcome? Were any adverse actions legitimate? If actions were take to prevent and correct sexual harassment your business may have a strong defense. 
  • Sex/gender discrimination defense: Can it be proven gender was an issue? 
  • Racial discrimination or harassment defense: Are there legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons for your businesses’ actions?
  • Religious discrimination or harassment defense: Does your business employ fewer than 15 people? Did or would honoring the employee’s or applicant’s request for religious accommodations cause an undue burden on your business? 
  • Disability discrimination defense: Was there actual unfair treatment, or evidence that there was an intent to treat an employee with a disability differently? Is there a paper trail of steps taken to remedy an issue? 
  • Wrongful termination defense: Is there documentation that leads to the termination? Did the same person who hired the employee also terminate the employee (“same actor doctrine”), were policies consistently enforced and was the replacement employee of the same protected class? 

We defend employers in discrimination, harassment and retaliation lawsuits at every stage, and in any Rhode Island venue. Many of our first employment law cases came from clients whom we had served in the past. Because we had achieved results for them before, they knew that they could rely on us.

Anatomy Of An Employment Law Case

There are two ways that a discrimination or harassment claim begins:

  • The EEOC: The employee or former employee can file a claim with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) or the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights. The result is an administrative hearing. Our attorneys effectively represent employers’ interests at administrative hearings in Rhode Island.
  • Superior Court: An employee may also sue his or her employer in court. Cases in which the employer opts out of the EEOC administrative hearing also wind up in court. The case then proceeds until it settles or reaches a verdict.

Our lawyers are fearless advocates who represent employers exclusively. We understand how actions or inactions can be misinterpreted by employees, resulting in damaging allegations of discrimination or harassment. We also understand how a frivolous lawsuit can harm a business’ reputation. We work relentlessly to assert the interests of employers in all employment law disputes.

Speak With An Employer Defense Attorney Today

When it comes to a pending lawsuit against a business or employer, the earlier you engage legal defense the better. Contact one of our Rhode Island discrimination defense attorneys for an initial consultation. Find out what your options, obligations and next best steps are. Call 401-400-4416 or send us a brief description of your employment law case.