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Standing Up For Creditors’ Rights


At Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons, we help businesses collect both consumer and commercial debts. We develop a results-oriented debt collection strategy tailored to your specific circumstance. If the business owing the debt is still viable, we pursue full compensation. If the business or consumer is in receivership or bankruptcy, we endeavor to assert your interests as a creditor and collect the greatest possible compensation available.

If an individual or commercial entity owes you money, contact Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons. Our Rhode Island creditor collection lawyers have extensive experience and have helped many businesses collect outstanding debts. We can help you as well.

Advocates Who Assert Creditors’ Rights

Our law firm has comprehensive experience advocating for creditors’ rights in a broad spectrum of legal issues. We represent creditors in claims against commercial or consumer debtors in cases involving:

Our law firm exclusively represents creditors in debt collection, bankruptcy, receivership, repossession and other debt and collection matters. This focused approach enables us to better develop effective and efficient debt collection strategies for businesses and other creditors.

When a creditor sits down with us, we determine the origin of the debt. After that, we send a demand letter to the debtor demanding that they pay the requested amount. Sometimes, a well-constructed demand letter is the only action necessary to recover the delinquent debt. Often, the debtor will call our law firm and settle the claim. If we are not contacted, or if there is a dispute about the amount, we may pursue litigation. Sometimes, we employ mediation or arbitration methods in order to resolve the dispute.

Many consumers do not dispute the fact that they owe money. Instead, the argument is over what they owe and how quickly they are required to pay the debt. Businesses, however, often dispute the debt itself. Our Rhode Island creditor collection attorney can assist you in resolving these disputes efficiently and in line with your goals.

Take The Next Step In Pursuing What Is Owed

Although we generally handle collection cases on a contingency basis, we can, in some instances, charge an hourly fee instead. To discuss your collection case in further detail, please contact us. Call 401-400-4416. You can also email our firm your contact information and a brief description of your case and a creditor collection attorney will respond promptly