Ways for employers to create a discrimination-free workplace

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Discrimination

Employers must keep their offices free of discrimination. Fostering a friendly environment attracts quality workers and creates a more productive atmosphere. It also may be instrumental in avoiding a cumbersome lawsuit.

Unfortunately, many are unaware they are holding onto toxic attitudes. Business owners must take concrete measures to reduce the number of discriminatory practices.

Rights notices

Post laws from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a common area. Next to them, share your company policy against discrimination. Doing this sends a message to staff that prejudicial behavior remains unacceptable.

Anti-discrimination workshops

Everyone can learn more about their unconscious biases. Invest in professionals who can deliver lessons on this sensitive topic. They explore problematic scenarios, along with savvy ways of addressing them. Some may recognize their folly during lessons and independently change their behavior.

Worker complaints

When someone expresses a concern, never discount the seriousness of the matter. Those not in the shoes of the complaining individual might have difficulty understanding. Listen closely before passing judgment. Remember that any actions in response figure heavily during whatever litigation follows.

Employee terminations

There are good reasons for letting a worker go. When they are enough to justify firing someone, make sure the evidence is irrefutable. Present the proof to the individual behind closed doors at the moment of dismissal. Keep this information on file in case anyone questions the official motivation.

Eliminating discriminatory workplace incidents is in the best interests of everyone. Play a part in curing the world of this detrimental problem.


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