Finance Agreement Gives Maine Court Jurisdiction Over S.C Construction Company

| Mar 6, 2013 | Firm News

The First Circuit has held the Maine federal district court has specific personal jurisdiction over a South Carolina construction company that purchased supplies from another South Carolina company when the purchases were financed by a Maine company.  The Maine finance company sued when its bills were unpaid.  The district court held it did not have personal jurisdiction.   The Circuit Court noted the S.C. company had faxed its credit application to Maine, had several communications with the Maine company before signing the credit agreement, and the credit agreement said the Maine court would have jurisdiction and be governed by Maine law.  Bluetarp Financial, Inc. v. Matrix Construction Co., 2013 WL 765123 (1st Cir. Mar. 1, 2013).  /Practice-Areas/Business-Commercial-Litigation.shtml


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